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Who was MA Rainey's understudy?
Bessie Smith
Who was the father of gospel?
Thomas A. Dorsey
Who was the first gospel music publisher
Charles A. Tindley
What were the blues regions?
mississippi delta
carolina peidmont
texas blues
country blues
Who was Eva Jeysee
A composer and conductor for hollywood movies
did porgy and bess
Studied with will marion cook
Who sand Run Lil Chillun?
The Hall Johnson singera
Describe african instruments
when was the revolutionary war?
what was the richard dunmore proclamation?
england gave freedom to slaves who served with the english army
how was the richard dunmore proclamation countered?
george washington wouldnt allow any more slaves into the colonies
Who was Crispus Attackus
first black man to die in the boston massacre (runaway slave)
Who was arther foote?
co-founder of the American Guild of Organist
Who was John Knowles PAine?
First professor of music at Harvard
Whose George Chadwick?
taught at New England Conservatory
Who was Antonin Dvorak?
Composer, Director of the National Conservatory

nationalist movement

native and black music

Symphony # 9
Name composers of the nationalist movement?
Will Marion Cook, HArry T Burleigh, Antonin Dvorak, John Rosamond Johnson
Harry T Burleigh
Student of Dvorak

preserved negro spirituals as art songs

300 composition
Josef Joachim
violinist at Oberlin
Will Marion Cook
Studied from Dvorak And John White

theater, choral and orchestral composer

violin from Josel Joachim
Who composed lift every voice and sing?
John Rosamond Johnson
What did John Rosamond Johnson do
compose 2 black operettas
music educator in jacksonville
How did the 1920's change socially?
blacks migrated to the north
lynchings in the south
closing of storyville in new orleans
Marcus Garvey
Back To Africa Movement
The Red Summer
Race riots of 1919

James Weldon Johnson
Who coined the term the "jazz age"?
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Characterisitics of JAzz
vocalist is the performer
horns imitate voice
melody instead of improv
Who was buddy bolden?
lead jazz bands in new orleans
created fixed instrumentation
ragtime, melodies, marches and blues
Who was Alderman Sidney Story?
He created the ghetto which became known as Storyville
red light district
When did storyville close?
What was the front line of a jazz ensemble
trumpet, clainet, trombone
rythem section of a jazz ensemble?
banjo, tuba and drums (piano later added
How was Jazz a blend of cultures
american: make it up
african and european culture chord progressions
improv, syncopation., rough timbres, repetition, polyrythem, call & response
Scott Joplin
wrote the entertainer

wrote Treemonisha

and the manual "School of Ragtime"
Where did ragtime evolve from?
Coon songs
How are ragtime songs structured?
Multisectional: usually 16 bars called “strains” or “themes.” ABAC, ABACB, ABCD, ABACD
Who were the big three of ragtime?
Scott Joplin
James Scott
Joseph Lamb
Jelly Roll Morton
(1885-1941) pianist, composer, bluesman, jazzman
Eubie Blake
(1883-1983) eastcoast rag player; wrote several shows
How is the blues distinctive?
The third line answers a question raised in the first two lines
a a b
Iambic pentameter
poetry consisting of an unaccented syllable followed by an accented one, with five of these combinations in each line of poetry.
Who created reconstruction?
President Andrew Johnson
What happened during reconstruction?
how the 11 succeeded states would be reseated in Congress
-ex slaves got rights to vote
-democrats come into office
-equal citizenship
What did Ulysees S Grant do?
fought against KKK
blamed for poor economy
served 2 terms
Did Johnson keep Lincolns laws?
no he repealed many of them

did not want to help ex slaves
what were the precursors of jazz?
State of Music
Arnold Schoenberg, Igor Stravinsky—broke away from conventional traditions
Atonal music
Serial techniques
Emergence of Ragtime
Who was James Reese Europe?
conductor of Clef Club Orchestra
Clef Club orchestra?
Extended instrumentation: banjo, mandolin
Music by Black composers only

went to europe
Who was Scot Joplins publisher?
John Stack
What was the Dred Scott Decsision?
Negro could not be regarded as a citizen
Where did John Brown's raid take place?
Harpers Ferry
How did the cival war start?
Lincoln sent troops to defend Fort Sumter, April 12, 1861
Who was John Brown?
An abolistionist
What happened with the emancipation proclimation?
Lincoln issued a proclamation stating that slaves will be free (only from the South)
What is the 13th amendment?
abolishing slavery
Who served the 54th regement
Robert Gould Shaw
think of the movie
what were contraband camps like?
plantation life