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sex linkage
the presence of a gene on a sex chromosome
a linkage group is...
genes located on one chromosome
germ-cell mutations...
occur in an organism's germ cells (gametes). Do not effect organism, effect offspring.
somatic mutations
take place in organisms body
lethal mutation
cause death, often before birth.
List the chromosome mutations...
deletion, inversion, translocation and nondisjucntion
List the gene mutations...
nucleotide deletion, nucleotide insertion, frame shift mutation, substitution
The farther apart 2 genes are on the same chromosome, the likier they are to be seperated by....
crossing over
The closer together 2 genes are on a chromosome, the likelier they are to be...
linked (inherited) together
explain a frame-shift mutation
causes the remaining codons to be incorectly grouped.
individuals who have one copy of a recessive autosomal allele.
patterns of inheritance
certain phenotypes that are usually repeated in a predicatble pattern from one generation to the next
Contolled by a single allele (dominant)
huntington's disease, polydactyly
controlled by a single allele recessive
cystic fibrosis, albinism
hemophilia, muscular dystrophy
skin, hair and eye
multiple alleles...
ABO blood groups
a genetic marker is...
a short section of DNA that is known to have close association with a particular gene located nearby
a zygote with only one copy of a particular chromosome; 45 total
How many chromsomes will a perosn have that has a nondisjunction mutation?
a zygote with three copies of a particular chromsome; has 47 total (DOWN SYNDROME)
genetic screening
an examination of a person's gentic makeup
dieseaseeee that harms the baby
which baby genetic testing detects problems sooner?
chrironic villi sampling