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Who was Dr. Redi?
Dr. Redi did the meat and maggot experiment. He sealed flask, cloth, no active principle, etc.

He did not believe in spontaneous generation.
Who was Spallanzani?
He improved upon needham's experiment of sealing the broth in a flask. He melted the glass and boiled it for an hour.

He did not believe in spontaneous generation.
Who was Louis Pasteur?
Improved on Spallanzani's experiment. He made the flask S shaped to allow the active principle to enter.

He did not believe in spontaneous generation.
Characteristics of life ?
-Energy Use
Who was Robert Hooke?
He discovered cells.
What was the cell theory?
It stated:

1. The cell is the basic of living units for all organisms.

2. All organisms are composed of cells or cell products.

3. All cells come from other cells.
Define metabolism.
The sum of chemical and physical processes working inside a cell.
Define water.
Required by all living things to live.
Define development.
The process of orderly change.
Define reproduction.
The process in which organisms produce more organisms.
Define inheritance.
The passing of characteristics from one generation to the next.
Define adaption.
An existing structure or behavior that contributes to the survival of an organism in a particular environment.
control center of the cell, it regulates its actions.
A protein rich material.
Where protein synthesis occurs, found floating freely in the cell or attached to the ER
continuous with the outer portion of the nuclear envelope.
Golgi Apparatus?
Fuses with ER, they undergo chemical changes.
Supplies energy to the cell. Tightly folded.
Found only in plants.
Storage centers.
Tear down old, worn down parts.
Supports system that give cells shape.
Helps in reproduction.
Plasma Membrane?
Protective barrier that surrounds the cell.
Moving from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration, balancing them out.
A membrane or wall that substance can pass through.
Figure out osmosis, hypertonic, turgidity.