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Incomplete dominance
Neither allele is dominant
R1R1 = red
R2R2 = white
Tay-Saches Disease
a fatal lipid-storage disorder
Homozygous recessive = die
Heterozygotes = have only 50% of the enzyme, HEXOSAMINIDASE A (for lipid metabolism), in the body
Threshold effect
When normal phenotypic expression occurs anytime a certain level of gene product is attained
a joint expression of both alleles in a heterozygote;
both products must be phenotypically detectable
MN blood group
illustrates codominance;
when two forms of glycoprotein (M/N) of red blood cells can coexist
Multiple alleles
when three or more alleles of the same gene are found
ABO blood groups
illustrates "multiple alleles" effect;