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what evidence does genetic mapping use to estimate the proximity of two loci on a given chromosome?
frequency of crossing over
if two loci are close together, are they more or less likely to recombine than if they are far apart?
how can recombination frequencies be estimated for genetic mapping?
by observing the transmission of genes in informative families. Number of recombinants is counted and % of recombinants calculated in the progeny of an informative individual
what is the unit set equal to 1% recombination frequency?
a centimorgan
how far is a centimorgan in molecular terms?
1 million base pairs of DNA
which statistical method is used to test whether a set of linkage data from family studies indicates linkage between two loci or not?
LOD score
is a LOD score of +3 better worse than an LOD score of -2?
better; the higher, the more likely the linkage data is real
how does one establish linkage between disease locus and a marker? What is this process called?
select a number of markers systematically from all over the genome and test each one for linkage; a genome scan
which markers are of particular help in genome scanning?
microsatellite repeats
what is the difference between linkage and association?
linkage refers to location of genes closely on the same chromosome while association refers to co-occurrence of different phenotypes more often than expected
what is a very common method used to map genes to chromosomes?
on average, useful DNA polymorphisms can be found at which intervals?
less than 1 centimorgan
in which type of vector were DNA fragments inserted for the human genome project? Which restriction enzyme was used?
bacterial artificial chromosomes; HindIII
what is functional cloning?
ID of a disease gene based on knowledge of the protein involved in the disease, without knowing the chromosomal location of the gene
what is candidate gene approach?
when an educated guess is made about a protein involved in a disease and the DNA coding for any such protein is then tested for mutations in affected individuals
what must be known in positional candidate approach?
the knowledge of the correct chromosomal subregion of the gene of interest.