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Hydrogen Bond
A weak electrostatic attraction between one electronegative atom (such as O or N) and a hydrogen atom covalently linked to a second electroneg atom
Containing both polar and nonpolar domains
An Aggregate of amphipathic molecules in water, with the nonpolar portions in the interior and the polar portions at the exterior surface, exposed to water
Hydrophobic Interactions
The association of nonpolar groups, or compounds, with each other in aqueous systems, driven by the tendency of the surrounding water molecules to seek theri most stable (disordered) state
Equilibrium Constant (Keq)
A + B <> C + D

Keq = [C][D]
Ion Product of Water (Kw)
Kw = [H+][OH-]
Dissociation Constant (Ka)
HA <> H+ + A-

Ka = [H+][A-]
Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation
pH = pKa + log [H+ Acceptor]
[H+ Donor]