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How are amino acids linked and what do they form?
Amino Acids build proteins by connecting the carboxyl grp of on amino acid w/ the amino grp of the next amino acid.
How are polysaccarides built and what is their monomer form?
polysaccharides are built by linking the first carbon of one sugar with the 4th carbon of the next sugar.
What is the plant cell wall composed of?
polysaccharide cellulose
The outer surface of the mitochondria has a fairly smooth surface but the inner memebrane exhibits many folds called
Bonds with positive and negative ends are called
Can a molecule have polar bonds and still be non-polar?
yes; because of its geometry
Hydrogens bonded between two different things is_____ and within the same molecule____
Interstrand; intrastrand
Acts as a proton donor___

The amt of hydrogen ion released when a given amt of acid is dissolved in water___
acid strength.
What does more product then reactant mean?

What does a large Ka mean?
Strong acid; strong acid measurment of amt of hydrogen ions released in water
Define pKa
-logKa; measures acid strenght with the smaller the value the stronger the acid.
an ________ in the titration is reached when pH of the sol'n = pKa of acetic acid
inflection point
The point in the titration at which all of the starting sol'n has been neutralized by the titrant. i.e. a complete deprotonation.
Equivalence point
weruytfdcxhgf bvbnmgxczcvbnvgfcx vcx When the pH of the sol'n is less than the pKa of an acid, the ___________ predominates.

When the pH of the sol'n is greater than the pKa of an acid, the _________ form predominates
Protonated (acid form) ; deprotonated (conjugate base)
in vito; in vivo
outside the living body; inside the body
Carbon dioxide in water equation
CO2(g) + H2O(L)--H + HCO3- (aq)
hyperventalation ___pH
increases, decreases
The basic structure of amino acids are:
alpha carbon bonded to an R grp, amino grp, carboxyly grp, and a hygrogen.
List all the non-polar (hydrophobic) amino acids
Leucine(Leu, L); Proline(Pro,P)-Nitrogen bonded to 2 carbons; Alanine(Ala,A); Valine(Val,V); Methionine(Met, M)-sulfur atom; Trytophan(Trp,W) aromatic, Phenylalanine(Phe,F)aromatic; Isoleucine(Ile,I).
List all the polar (uncharged) amino acids
Glycine(Gly,G); Serine(Ser,S) -OH grp; Asparagine(Asn,N)-amide grp; Glutamine(Gln,Q)-amide grp; Threonine(Thr,T)-OH; Cysteine(Cys,C)-SH disulfide; Tyrosine(Tyr,Y)aromatic
List all the acidic amino acids
Aspartic acid(Asp,D); Glutamic acid(Glu, E)

both have-carboxyl grps
List all the basic amino acids
Lysine(Lys,K) amino grp attached to HC tail; Arginine(Arg, R) has guanidine grp; Histidine(His, H) side chain has pH of 6.