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attitude that regards humans as the central element of the universe and interprets reality exclusively in terms or human values and experiences

attitude that attributes human motivations, characteristics, or behaving to inanimate objects, animals, or natural phenomena.
Anthroprocentrism vs. Anthropomorphism
Explain Operational Sex Ratio.

Explain indicators of testosterone production.

Explain the characteristics of Human Mate Choice

Explain Sexual Dimorphism
Males need to compete for the limited # of females

Experiments studying this observation concluded that the peacock train is a secondary sexual characteristic that reflects the reproductive potential of the male.

Facial symmetry reflects quality of genes that were used to dired the bilateral body plan. Males are attracted to females who have full lips (high estrogen levels), smooth skin, short narrow jaw=female fertility, strong lower jaw=masculine (high testosterone level

physcial & behavhioral traits of the sexes have become extreme.
Explain why it is adventageous for offspring to have parents who have different MHC alleles.
It is adventageous for an individual to have different alleles of the MHC genes because different allels of those genes are effective against different viruses.
Explain the advantages of monogomy and list examples.
Monogomy is expecially important when food is scarce, because the female alone cannot find enough food to feed the growing young. Ex. Marsh Harriers, Wandering Albatross, North American Grebes.
Explain the difference between FAP and Sign Stimuli
FAP= set of complex behavioral traits taht are embedded in the genetic programs of biological organisms.

Sign stimuli initiates the FAP.
Explain Drive, Motor Program, and Programmed Learning
Drive= migration and mating behavior of sockeye salmon results from a powerful biological drive that is triggered by both genetic and environmental factors.

Motor Program= once the eraly steps of the behavior are initiated, the entire sequence of steps will automatically follow until the action has been completed; these automatic steps form a motor program

Programmed Learning= genetically controlled
explaining of an animals behavior based on trigger stimuli and internal mechanisms

explanation of an animal's behavior based on evolution - why this specific trait was favored by natural selection
Proximate Vs. Ultimate Causation
Life with its ability to reproduce began on this planet _____ years ago.
3.7 billion
Because changes in DNA must occur in order for life to adopt and survive, there must be some errors in the process of _____.
DNA replication
The greatest ability to produce variation resulting from very rapid reproduction rates exist in _____.
prokaryotic cells
The attitude that interprets exclusively in terms of human values and experiences in known as ____
The attitude that interprets human motivations and characteristics to inanimate objects or animals is known as _____.
For each offspring, the parent that has to invest the most energy to care for it is the_____.
The physical differences seen between males and females in species where malse are polygamous and provide no parental care is known as ______.
Females can smell Major Histocompatability Genes (MHC) in potential mates and prefer mates with MHC genes _____ from their own.
A set of complex behavioral traits that are embedded in the genetic program of biological organisms are known as _____.
Fixed action plans are initiated by some type of _____.
sign stimuli
An example of sign stimuli initiating a fixed action plattern in sexual selection behavior is seen in the tufts of hair on the legs of male _____.
wolf spiders
In fixed action pattern, profound psychological changes that result in expression of distinct behaviors are known as _____.
Once behaviors of a fixed action program are initiated, an entire sequence of steps will automatically occur when completed. These steps are known as _____.
motor programs
The mechanism of how an organism behaves with regards to how stimuli are received and transformed into behavioral response is known as _____.
proximate causation