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After witnessing the inhuman treatment of the mentally ill, _____________, a school teacher, was instrumental in lobbying congress to construct federal and state mental hospitals.
Dorothea Dix
______________ therapy, where an electrical current is passed through the brain and acts as a reset mechanism, is still used today to treat mental patients who fail to respond to all other treatments.
In the 1950’s, _________________ therapy was used to induce a hypoglycemic state ultimately causing damage to the brain, resulting in behavioral modification.
insulin shock
Mental illnesses are quite diverse, however the basic pathological mechanism is the same, where _______________ become unable to communicate with each other.
______________ is a type of mental illness where the patient suffers from severe mood swings of extreme highs and extrerme lows.
manic depression
_______________ has become a last resort for treating people with severe depression.
ECT or electroconvulsion therapy
During a manic depression low episode, the production of _______________ is deficient.
_______________ , a class of drugs, were developed to prevent the removal of serotonin in the synapse.
Prozac is an SSRI that is used to treat depression, by preventing the removal of serotonin from the synapse, in turn _____________the concentration of serotonin in the brain.
Manic depression has a ______________ basis, where often times many family members will suffer from this disorder.
In the early 1900’s Dr. _________________ observed that some of his patients had progressive memory loss before their deaths. For his research into this phenomenon the disorder was accordingly named after him.
Dr. Alzheimer hypothesized that mental illness had a _____________ cause, which was contrary to the prevailing psychiatric theories that mental illness was purely_____________.
physical; psychological
Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by _______________ loss, which is attributed to cell death in the brain.
____________ Alzheimer’s disease has been linked to a mutation of the APP gene on chromosome 21, where symptoms will usually start to occur before the age of 50.
early onset
The brains of Alzheimer’s patients have characteristic _______________ plaques and _____________, which will prevent neural transmission and eventually cause cell death.
amyloid, protein fibrils