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To recall a list of unrelated items some people use a _____________ to create an association between the meaningful and meaningless information.
mnemonic device
_________ memory is a type of declarative memory that uses sensation and emotion, which is usually a more effective than semantic memory.
Short term memory lasts ______________ while long term memory can last ______________.
minutes to days; months to years
An increase in the firing rate and magnitude of cortical neurons is otherwise known as ____________ (An increase in the firing rate and magnitude of cortical neurons is otherwise known as ____________
LTP or long term potentiation
Storage of long tem memory is based upon a distribution model where information about an object is stored in different regions of the _______________.
Veteran taxi cab drivers in London have an larger ________________ than drivers just starting out.
________ memory, a type of declarative memory, is generally more important for academic success, whereas: __________ memory is strongly associated with creativity.
Semantic; episodic
The _________________ region of the brain is important for procedural memory and when neurons within this brain region die as a result of Parkinson’s disease.
basal ganglia
The _____________ is involved in visual/spatial memory and recent studies have demonstrated that this brain region can actually grow depending upon usage.
Elephants are well-known for their memory capabilities and can locate waterholes several hundred miles away with complete accuracy, which demonstrates their _______________memory.
Dr. Egas Moniz in 1936 developed a procedure to treat severe mental illness, known as ______________, where he removed a significant portion of the frontal lobe .
Development of the ___________ lobe is the last step in human brain development, where the neural circuitry is not fully formed until adulthood.
The human brain is ____________ by nature, suggesting that it evolved by adding onto existing parts of animal brains over millions of years.
Long-term memory is stored in the _______________.
cerebral cortex