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__________ is defined as using the biological traits of an organism; the ________ of these traits results in a female or male organism.
sex, sum
The male sex hormone is _______________, which is produced by the ________________ and the ___________.
testosterone; testes; adrenal glands
All _________ have the potential to become either male or female because they both have the same chromosomes except for the sex chromosomes.
At __________ after fertilization an embryo will receive cues that will determine if it will develop as either male or female
6 weeks
Under the influence of estrogen, the ____________ ducts will begin to transform into internal female ___________
Mullerian; genitalia
In male embryos the ____________ gene on the Y chromosome becomes active at around 6 weeks after fertilization.
In males, testosterone stimulates the development of the ___________ ducts into internal genitalia, while the ___________ develops into external the genitalia
Wolffian; cloaca
Although, the SRY gene acts as a ________________, there are about ________________ genes implicated in sexual development.
master switch; 10-12
Estrogens and testosterone belong to a group of hormones called ____________, and both originate from the same precursor, ________________.
steroid hormones; cholesterol
______________ occurs in 1:1,000 male births and the characteristics of this syndrome are infertility, abnormal secondary sex characteristics, and long limb physique.
Kleinfelter syndrome
_________________ or super male syndrome occurs in 1 out of every 850 male births and the male will exhibit _____________ secondary sex characteristics and will be _____________.
XXY; normal; fertile
In crocodiles _____________ determines the sex of the offspring