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Sexual reproduction creates__________ between the sexes.
__________ within a species benefits the species by guaranteeing that some members of the species can adapt to ________________ changes
heterogeneity, environment
Human males produce _____________ to _____________ sperm per ejaculation, which increases the chance of _____________.
200 million, 300 million, fertilization
The operational sex ratio is a ratio between ____________ males to _________ females.
sexually receptive; sexually receptive
The OSR reflects a situation of ___________ and _____________.
supply; demand
Ibex males will _____________ other males for the chance to take control of the female herd and thus mate with them.
When another lion takes over a pride, he will typically _____________ the cubs, which will in turn causes the female to be__________________ towards him.
kills; sexually receptive
Some insect species use ______________________ , in the form of food, to attract potential mates.
mating gifts
_________________ ________________ is a type of male competition where the males search for and mate with females as soon as they are sexually receptive.
scramble competition
____________ ______________ is an category of male attraction strategies, where the male will have showy feathers or vibrant plumage which is used to attract females.
Ornamental Display
As seen in the video, lyrebirds will mark out several territories on the forest floor and perform a song and dance. These territories are otherwise known as _____________.
Morphological and ________ attributes of a male that lead to successful mating will be passed on to the next generation.
Male ruby-throated humming birds will defend _______________ that females need for reproduction.