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What is aging?
The decline of physiological function and cessation of reproductive capacity.
Babies and toddlers sleep away ___ of their early childhood.
Adults spend about ____ of their time sleeping.
What is an electroencephalograph (EEG)?
a recording of electrical signals from the breain made by hooking up electrodes to the subject's scalp.
What is slow wave sleep (SWS)?
the stage right after falling asleep when there is slow EEG activity.
What is Rapid Eye Movement (REM)?
the second stage of sleep when the EEG reveals very fast activity. The eyes move rapidly.
How many hours of sleep do you need a night?
8 1/2 to 9 1/4
What are some short term responses to stress?
-heartbeat and blood pressure increase
-blood glucose level rises
-muscles become energized
What are some long term responces to stress?
-protein and fat metabolism instead ofglucose breakdown
-immune cells are repressed
-sodium ions and water are reabsorbed by kidney
-blood volume and pressure increase
What does low density lipoprotien (LDL) do?
It brings cholesterol to cells for plasma membranes or hormone synthesis.
What do high density lipoprotiens (HDL) do?
it removes excess cholesterol to liver for disposal into bile (small intestine).
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and cerebrovasucular disease are responsible for _____ of the deaths in individuals over the age of ____.
70%-80%, 65
Why does changes of developing cancer increase as a person gets older?
Because more time has been available for mutations to accumulate.
What is the deadliest form of skin cancer?
What are some characteristics of basal call carcinoma?
-layer of skin beneath the skin surface
-excessive and chronic sun exposure
-fair complexion
-early treatment has 95% cure rate
What are some characteristics of squamous cell carcinoma?
-develops in the outer later of skin
-excessive chronic exposure to sun
-fair complexion
What is melanoma?
a skin cancer arises in melanocytes, the dark pigment cells of the skin. it usually arises in a pre-existing mole or other pigmented lesion
What is the most common cancer-causing virus in the US?
The human papillomavirus (HPV). It's involved in the transmission of cervical cancer.
What is hayflick's limit?
Cells have biological clocks, a limited potential for cell division)
Most mammalian cells die after dividing ___ to ___ times.
50 to 60
What are the two types of cell death?
Necrosis and apoptosis
What is necrosis?
cell death from injury
what is apoptosis?
programmed cell death
What are alzheimer's plagues?
abnormal build ups in the spaces between normal brain's nerve cells of a protein called beta amyloid.
What is alzheimer's tangels?
abnormal collections inside neurons of twisted threads made up of a protein called tau.
in the aging adult, in some localized areas, especially on the hands and face, ____ increase in number to produce age spots.
What is Werner's Syndrome?
a disease of premature and accelerated aging associated with defects in a DNA unwinding enzyme.
What is Progeria?
An inverted insertion mutation where each parent passes a normal chromosome that mutates during cell division.
What is life span?
it is species-specific, genetically determined, and is the physiological limit of an organism. It is what we could be capable of living. The human life span is 122 years.
What is life expectancy?
It is the average logevity of a population, it varies among different populations and in different historical periods, and is affected by environmental factors. It is was we are expected to live.
What is primary succession?
It occurs on bare, lifeless substrate such as rocks or open water. It is a gradual occurance.
What is the pioneer community?
The first organisms that inhabit the changing environment.
What is the climaz community?
The final stage of succession in a particular area.
What is secondary succession?
It occurs in areas that have been disturbed. Origionally these areas were occupied by living organisms.
What is forsensics?
the determination of the cause, location, and time of death.
What is forensic entomology?
the use of insect knowledge in the investigation of crimes or even civil disputes.
It is healthier to have a higher level of which lipoprotien?
The fragmentation of the cytoplasm and the fragmentation of the cell's DNA is known as:
What are some antioxidants?
vitamins A, C, Beta carotene, and E
What causes the wear and tear in cells?
free radicals