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Name the 3 types of muscles.
Name disstinguishing characteristics for the 3 types of muscles
Smooth - non parallel, no striations

Skeletal - more parallel, all striations

Cardiac - not parallel, but more so than smooth, partially straited
Muscles: Latissimus dorsi
originates on vertebrae, invovled in moving foreleg
Muscles: Trapezius
originates on the occipital bone or skull, draws the scapula medially, makes forelimb move outward
Muscles: Deltoid
originates on scapula, aids in flexing the humerus
Muscles: Triceps
originates on the humerus, the forelimb extends
Muscles: External Obliques
outer wall of abdomen, constricts the abdomen
Muscles: Tensor Fasciae Latae
most cranial of thigh muscles, originates on pelvis, thriangular, extends the leg
Muscles: Gluteus Medius
originates on hip, moves leg outward
Muscles: Biceps Femoris
originates on pelvis
Name 3 types of skeletons
Hydrostatic skeleton, Exoskeleton, Endoskeleton
Hydrostatic skeleton
muscle surrounding fluid filled cavityies

annelids, round worms, cnidarians
How does a earthworm move?
2 layers of muscles are involved: circular (outer) and longintudal (inner)

the circular muscles contract, narrowing and lengthing the earthworm, then the longintiudal muscles contract shortening and fattening the worm by pulling the tail toward the head, the *satae* anchor the worm during this movement
compmosed of chitin (a polysaccharide)


must molt for growth
composed of cartilage and or bone