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Age spots are due to
an increase in the number of melanocytes.
Necrosis is another name for:
cell death
The type of skin cancer that ranks second in incidence and develops in the outer layer of skin due to persistant sun exposure is:
Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Hayflick's Limit refers to the number of times that a cell can potentially:
Programmed cell death is known as:
p53 triggers ________ to protect the organism from mutations.
Vitamin E is an ____
an aging disorder where aging occurs at an unusually rapid rate is:
An injury that has been inflicted upon cells is known as
It is healthier to have a higher level of which lipoprotein?
mammalian cells have a limit on the amount of times they can divide. This limit is known as:
Hayflick's limit.
Although ______ cannot be changed easily, ______ can be be changed with dietary restrictions.
life span; life expectancy
In the United States we have seen a steady increase in human
life expectancy
_________ succession begins with the first life forms to exist on a new inorganic land mass. _________ succession begins after the environment has been greatly disturbed killing many of the existing life in an area.
primary; secondary
What was the primary cause of death in humans during the early part of the twentieth century?
Infectious diseases
Apoptosis is:
programmed cell death
In patients that suffer from Alzheimer's, there is a buildup of which type of abnormal substance?
An example of an aging disorder where there is premature and accelerated aging is:
Werner's Syndrome.
Which stage of sleep does your brain review and sort the knowledge that it has encountered during the day?
There are many theories on why biological organisms age. Which of the following is one such theory?
The regenerative power of tissue cells gradually declines with age.
___________ is the average longevity of a population. It can vary with different populations, environments and historical periods.
Life expectancy