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How many organelles are there?
Membranous Organelles
Protein Organelles
What does the Nucleus do?
It is a spherical membrane shell that houses DNA and makes RNA.
What does the Nucleolus do?
It is a dense, dark staining site of RNA production
What is the rough Endoplasmic Reticulum?
Maze like network of membrane The rough ER is basically an industrial complex of protein production,
What are Ribosomes?
Tiny organelles, which are workstations for protein production, and are often attached to to rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
What is the smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
It is a continuation of the rough ER, it is where lipid synthesis, steroid hormone production, detoxification, occur
Golgi Complex
Packaging and special processing of molecules (mainly proteins from the rough ER) for export out of the cell occurs in the golgi,
What are the tiny bubbles on the Golgi apparatus called?
What are lysosomes?
Lysosomes are vesicules containing digestive enzymes, that digest materials. and play a role in metabalisim
What is mitochondria
Mitchondria the switching station that converts molecular energy from one molecule to another,(usually from sugar, lipids and amino acids to ATP)
What is aerobic respiration
More effient energy production that occurs at the Mitochondria
What is a vacuole?
A Vacuole is in a adipose cell typically a large bubble of membrane used for storage
What are peroxisomes?
Vescules containing Corrossive materials, typically used to destroy bacteria and other objects
They cytoskeleton
This cell producesdifferent protein fibers, and tubes that form a network that supports and moves the cell, the proteins are microfilaments, intermediate filaments, and microtubules
the cilia and Flagella
Flagella and cilia are a collection of contracile proteins (mostly microtubles) that bend quickly in one direction and uncurl more slowly due to the action of the proteins on the other side
What is centrosome?
Area containing the centrioles in human cells, responsible for directing many aspects of cell division
What is DNA Replication Synthesis?
The Cell first needs to copy the DNA so each new cell, will have instructions for all its life support functions
When cells are ready for export out of the cell they go through ____?
Golgi Complex
Where is the vacuole?
in a adipose cell
The 3 proteins created by the cytoskeleton are
Microfiliments, intermediate filaments, and microtubles
What are tiny bubbles of membrane that which transport molecules around the cell.
What processes glycogen and thyroid hormones digest worn out organelles and play a roll in cell death
Lysosomes, which also digest material using enzimes from
What processes glycogen and thyroid hormones digest worn out organelles and play a roll in cell death
Lysosomes, which also digest material using enzimes from
By controlling what proteins are made the ____ controls most cellular functions