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How often must a manual count of controlled medications be carried out?
Every two years. Usually on May 1 of odd numbered years.
How many classes are there for drug recalls
3. Phase one being the most serious.
How long must 222's be kept?
2 years
What form is used to order schedule II drugs?
Form 222
HOw many copies are made and where are they routed?
3 copies
copies 1 and 2 go to the supplier 3 is filed at the pharmacy.
What type of hood is use to prepare cytoxic or chemotherapy drugs?
Veritcal airflow hood
Which medications require a package insert to be dispensed with the medication?
Oral contraceptives, estrogenic drugs, progestaional drugs, isotrentinoin, intrauterine devices, isoproterenol inhalation products.
What information must be on a prescription label?
Name and address of pharmacy, date the rx was filled, prescription number, drug name, strength, and quantity, directions, patients name, prescriber's name, # of refills, pharmacist initials, aux. labels, federal transfer label
Define storage conditions for drugs in regard to temperature.
Refrigerator 2º-8º C (36-46ºF)
Cool place 8-15ºC (46-59ºF)
Room temp 15-30º C (59-86ºF)