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querer que
to wish, want
exigir que
demand, require
insistir en que
to insist
mandar que
to order
pedir que
to ask, request
rogar que
to beg
suplicar que
to beg
desear que
to wish
esperar que
to hope
ojala que
lets hope that
aconsejar que
to advise
recomendar que
to recommend
sugerir que
to suggest
dejar que
to let
permitir que
to let, allow
impedir que
to prevent
oponerse a que
to be against, opposed to
prohibir que
to forbid
preferir que
to prefer
alegrarse de que
to be happy, to rejoice
estar encantado de que
to be delighted
me gusta que
to be pleased by
me encanta que
to love
entristecerse que
to feel sad
sentir que
to be sorry
lamentar que
to regret
deplorar que
to deplore
me desilusiona que
it dissapoints me
temer que
to fear
tener miedo que
to be scared
me enoja que
it angers me
me irrita que
it irritates me
me molesta que
it bothers me
me enfada que
it angers me
estar orgulloso de gue
to be proud of
to take pride
me sorprende que
to be suprised
me emociona que
it touches, thrills me
dudar que
to doubt
no creer que
do not believe
no opinar que
to not have the opinion of
no pensar que
to not think
no estar seguro de que
to no be certain of
no es verdad que
it is not true that
es dudoso que
its doubtful that
es posible que
its possible that
es probable que
its probable that
negar que
to deny that
es imposible que
its imposible that
es improbable que
its improbable that
no es cierto que
it is not certain that