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what is the virulence forbacillis?
poly d glutamate capsule and ef, pa, lf
what is the most common form of anthrax?
what do bacillus look like?
g+ rods medusa head colonies
what vax is good against anthrax
sterns spore vac
how do you treat anthrax
IV PCN antiserum
what does erysipelothrix look like?
gram + rodds and coccobacillu
what is the virulence of erysipelothrix?
neuramindinase NANA
What is the source of erysipelothrix?
swine tonsils, pee, poop, vomit, saliva
what disease causes diamond skin in pigs?
erysipelothrix subacute
is there a vax for erysipelothrix?
yes- EVA
how do you diagnose erysipelothrix
a hemolytic colonies, coag +, H2S+, gram + rods
what does listeria look like?
g + coccobailli
what is the virulence of listeria/
hemolysin, phospholipase c, lecthinase, internalin
where is listeia?
what does listeria cause?
meningitis, septicemia, abortion, mastitis
is there a vax for listeria?
no- cmi
can you treat listeria?
not the neural form. other form is with PCN and genta
what causes listeriosis in cows
bad silage, ph < 5
what causes tyzzers?
clostridium piliformis
is there a vax for tyzzers?
yes- formalin treated infected liver
can you treat tyzzers
yes with PCN and tetracycline
what are the virulence for c. tetani
tetanospasmin - and tetanolysin
who gets ascending tetani
dogs and cats
is there a vax for tetanus
yes formalin inactivated toxin
can you treat tetanus
yes pcn and anti toxin
what is the virulence for botulism
inhivits ach. type c and d most common
whatwhat is the virulence for c perfringens
a toxin is hemolytic
b toxin is intestinal mucosa necrosis
epsilon causes liqufactive necrosis in kidneys and brain
what predisposes c perfringen
diet change
is there a vax for c perfringen
what is the virulence for chauveoi
alpha is hemolytic. hyaluronidase, dnase, protective ags
what causes blackleg
c. chauvoei
is there a vax for blackleg
yes alum preccipitate forminalized whole culture
can you treat blackleg
yes pcn and antisera
wwhat causes big head in rams and black disease in sheep
c. novyi
what causes redwater
c haemolyticum
what is the virulence in fusobacterium
lps causes endothelian damage. protein toxin causes hemolysis and luekocidin
what can fusobacterium cause?
calf dipthria- necrotic phrayngeal lesions, liver abcesses, foor rot, thrush, pleuritis in dogs
what causes footrot in sheep
duchelobacter nosodus
what does klbseilla and enterobacter cause
endometritis and mastitis