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what is the difference between selective media and differential media?
selective media only allows specefic species to grow while differential media will distinguish between species usually by a dye or some other indicator
distinguish between the two types of liquid media.
complex media have parameters for many bacs while defined media are specefic to one species with its specefic nutritional needs
all bacteria of clinical significance are considered what?
facultative bacs can...
use fermentation when there is no O2 but will use respiration if O2 is present
what are the oxidative and reductive phases of glucose metabolism?
glycolysis is oxidative while fermentation and further metabolism of pyruvate to various end products is reductive.
what is the importance of the pentose monophosphate glycolytic pathway?
it provides NADPH and pentoses for biosynth and it is a pathway for the utilization of pentoses as C and energy sources
the ED glycolytic pathway is different than the traditional glycolytic pathway how? what species uses it?
less energy efficient and used in pseudomonads
the chemical purpose of fermentation is what? how is it helpful to us?
it recycles NADH back to NAD. thespecefic fermented product made helps identify the species