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2 main categories of environmental factors that affect marketing and how do the differ
micro- the ACTORS close to the marketing and department/company, macro- the societal FORCES, ones small and ones large
specific actors that makeup the microenvironment, 4
resellers, distributors, financial intermediaries, and customers, anthing inside the company
6 macroenvironment forces DENTPC
demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, cultural
how does the marketing environment relate to swot analysis
the market environment deals with the external end of the swot analysis, the opportunities and threats
2 ways that companies can react to the marketing environment/
proactive- aggressive actions to affect forces in the environment and reactive- watch and react to forces in the environment
3 examples of proactive responses to the marketingenvironment
hire lobbyists, file complaints with regulatory agencies, and attempt to influence public opinion
three things marketing intermediaries do to help the company
promote, sell, and distribute
4 examples of demographic studies/
family structure, where people live, educational characteristics, and diversity
baby boomers =
30 percent of the pop
what percent of americans move each years
what are engel's 3 laws
the percent spent of food declines, the percent spent on housing stay constant, the percent spent on savings increases
3 trends with the natural environment
shortage on materials, increased government intervention, and increased interest in sustainability
legislation in the business place is intended to protect
businesses from eachother, consumers from businesses, and societ from business
what is the difference between secondary data and primary data, which is used in the marketing reasearch process
secondary consist of information that already exists somewhere, primary is info collected for the specific purpose at hand, both can be used in marketing research
3 objective of marketing research and which methodology is best suited for each
exploratory- is the preliminary research process to help define the problem, descriptive- more specific on the market potential for a product, and causal- marketing reseach to test hpotheses about cause and effect relationships
whats the ultimate purpose of crm
to maximize customer loyalty
how does crm use marketing information/
it integrates everything that a company's sales, service, and marketing teams knows about individual customers to provide a 360 degreee view of the customer relationship