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What are the objectives of the NAMP?
achieve and maintain maximum material readiness, safety and conservation of material in the maintenance of aircraft
What is the purpose of the Aircraft Maintenance Department within an organization?
to maintain assigned aircraft in a state of full mission capability
What are the major types of aircraft maintenance?
rework and upkeep
The restorative or additive work performed on aircraft, equipment, or support equipment is what type of maintenance?
rework maintaince
Standard rework is alos known as what type of maintenance?
standard depot-level maintenance
What is rework?
work done to aircraft, equipment, or support equipment to improve or change its capability to preform special functions
Upkeep maintenance is preformed by what activities?
operating units and SE activies
Standard upkeep is also known as what type of maintenance?
Maintenance performed on aircraft wihtout regard to operating hours or calendar is known as what type of maintenance?
special upkeep or unschuled maintenance
Aircraft maintenance functions are divided into how many distint levels?
What are the distinct levels of aircraft maintenance?
organizational, intermediate and depot
Describe organizational-level maintenance.
work performed by an operating activity on a day-to-day basis in support of its own operations
What level of maintenance includes the manufacture of non-available parts?
intermediate level
Depot-level maintenance is performed in what type of facility?
industrial type
The Chief of Naval Operations has what responsabilities to the Naval Aviation Mainenance Program?
the CNO sponsors and directs the NAMP
Who is responsible for the providing material in support of the operation and maintenance of aeronautical equipment?
Naval Supply System Commeand
What is the 'line' relationship?
a relationship that exists between a superior and a subordinate within both staff and line segments of the organization
A relationship that exists between an advisory staff supervisor and a production line supervisor is known os what type of relationship?
a staff relationship
Who is responsible to the commanding officer for the accomplishmentsof the maintenance department's mission?
aircraft maintence officer
What are the functional management resposibilities of the aircraft maintance officer?
planning, control and production
What subordinate officers assist the aircraft maintenance officer in the management of the maintenance department?
assistant aircraft maintenance officer maintenance/materil control officer and aircraft division and branch officers
What officer is responsible for ensuring that staff divisions conform to established policies?
assistance aircraft maintence officer
In addition to material support, what is the maintenance material control officer's direct responsibiliy?
the overall productive effort of the maintenance department
What is the concept of quality assurance?
to prevent defects from occuring from the onset of a maintence operation through its completion
The achievement of quality assurance depends on what factors?
prevention knowlage and special skill
What is the purpose ot the system administrator/analyst at the organizational maintenance leve?
monitor control and apply the maintenance data system within the activity
Who has the responsiblity, as well as many other responsiblity, to identify material deficiencies and high man-hour consumption trends?
system administrator/analyst
What work center plans, schedules, and provides positive control of all maintance performed on or in support of the activities assigned aircraft?
maintenance control
What branches or work centers make up the aircraft division?
power plants, airframs, and aviators life support systems
The avionics/armament division consists of what work center?
electronics branch alactrical and instrument branch and the armament branch
What is the purpose of the production control work center?
Production control the central point of the entire maintenance effort, plans and schedules the IMA's workload
At the intermedite maintenance activity, who provides qualitative and quantitave analytical information to the AMO?
the maintaince data base administrator/analyst
At the I-level, power plants, airframs, avionics, armament equipment, support equipment, and aviators' life support equipment are known as what type of divisions?
production division
What is the purpose of NALCOMIS?
NALCOMIS provides OMA IMA ASD activities with a modern real time responsive computer based management information system
What are the three basic objectives of NALCOMIS?
-to increase aircraft readyness
-to reduce the administrative burden to the fleet
-to improve the quality of up-line reported data
If an I- or O-level activity dose not yet operate under NALCOMIS under what system do they document their maintenance?
Visual Information Display System
What element is important to ensure successful operation of the Visual Information Display System?
communication between maintenance/production control workcenters and material control
With regard to the VIDS board, what action should take place with maintenance control on a daily basis?
VIDS board verification
Upon initation of a VIDS/MAF of the organization level, which copies are forwarded to the work center?
copies 1 and 5 are forwarded to the work center
What must be done if a maintenance action results in the requirement of a check flight?
notify quality assurance
Upon the completion of a maintenance action and when the VIDS/MAF is completed, which copy is forwarded to maintenance control?
copy 1 of the VIDS/MAF is sent to maintenance control
What dose a red singal tab on an I-level VIDS board or VIDS/MAF indicate?
the component inducted is expeditious repair
Upon induction of a non-RFI component to an I-level activity, where are the copies 1,4 and 5 of the VIDS/MIF routed?
to the work center receiving the non-RFI componet for repair
At the I-level, what happens to a repairable componenr for which parts have been ordered?
the componet should be properly preserved package and sent to the AWP unit managed by supply personal
What is the result of inaccurate or incomplete information documented in the Maintenance Data System?
loss of effectiveness of the data and the MDS in general