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To convert from local time to Eastern time for EL...
...add 38 minutes
A star found half way up in the SW sky is at what altitude and azimuth?
Alt 45, Az 225
Az of N
0 degrees
Az of E
90 degrees
Az of S
180 degrees
Az of W
270 degrees
Azimuth increases to the...
Azimuth starts at...
What units is right ascension measured in?
What units is declination measured in?
RA and dec. of first day of autumn
RA 12h, dec 0 deg.
RA and dec. of first day of winter
RA 18h, dec -23.5 deg.
RA and dec. of first day of spring
RA 0h, dec. 0deg.
RA and dec. of first day of summer
RA 6h, dec. +23.5 deg.
How far away from the sun (in hours) is a point opposite from the sun?
12 h
The sun always is on...
...the eliptic
the eliptic traces...
...the plane of the earth's orbit
what is the position of the planets relative to the plane of the earth's orbit?
they nearly follow it
what is the position of the moon's orbit relative to the plane of the earth's orbit?
it stays close to the earths orbit, and crosses occasionally
the midday altitude of the sun on the first day of summer is...
...70 deg.
the midday altitude of the sun on the first day of winter is...
...about 30 deg.
the midday altitude of the sun on the first day of spring is...
...about 50 deg.
the midday altitude of the sun on the first day of autumn is...
...about 50 deg.
From EL, a star whose dec. is 0 rises approx...
... due E
altitude is measured in...
azimuth is measured in...
right ascension
arcs parallel to the celestial equator (E to W)
2 parts of celestial coordinate system
RA, dec.
lines that run north to south
where is the declination zero?
at the celestial equator
connects N, S, zenith
the ____ goes through the N celestial pole
crossing meridian
what 2 astronomial terms are the same?
midday, local noon
zenith connects....
...meridian and celestial equator
celestial equator
connects E, W, and zenith
RA changes ____ per month
2 hours
rising/setting points ____ about meridian
something that rises in SE will set in...
what 2 places can you generally find the planets and the moon?
on the ecliptic (in the zodiac)
where is the sun located on the planishpere at the equinoxes
at the crossing of the 2 major arcs
the altitude and azimuth, respectively, of an object located a quarter of the way up in the NE is
22.5 deg., 45 deg.
an object with declination +30 will set approx. where?
if the sky is set so that 0h of RA is on the W horzon, what approx. RA is on the meridian?
to convert from eastern to local for EL
subtract 38 min
zodiac is always on...
moon stays close to...
zenith distance (obj) + altitude (obj)=
90 deg.
latitude is equal to which two things?
altitude of NCP, and zenith distance of celestial equator
latitude + altitude =
90 deg.
declination is equal to
distance away from celestial equator
latitude is always...
for longitude, ___ is CW, ___ is CCW
W, E
clockwise times for longitude
12pm, 6pm, 12am, 6am
longitude is...
...degrees L is away from G
to find LMT...
mark 12pm over local time, LMT is time corresponding to time at point with sun
to find LST...
Set RA as 0 at vernal equinox, increases CCW to local point
sun is ____ in March
on VE
sun is ____ in June
6 CCW from VE
sun is ____ in Sept.
12 CCW from VE
sun is ____ in Dec.
18 CCW from VE
If a star with an RA of x transited y hours ago, the LST is...
x + y
The LST is xh. y hours later, the RA of the star will be...