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What is subjective data?
what the person says about himself or herself.
What is objective data?
what you as the health professional observe during the physical exam
What are the 4 tech. of the phys exam?
inspection, percussion, palpation, auscultation
What is the data base?
combination of subjective and objective data
What studies does the data base include?
pt.'s record and lab studies
What are the phases of the nursing process?
assessment, diagnosis, outcome id, planning, implementation, evaluation
What is the nursing diagnosis?
clinical judgments about a person's response to an actual or potential health state
What is the medical diagnosis used to evaluate?
the etiology of a disease
What is the biomedical model?
views health as the absense of disease
What are the assessment factors in the biomedical model?
list of biophysical symptoms and signs
In the biomedical model when is a person certified as healthy?
When all signs and symptoms have been eliminated
What is wellness?
a dynamic process, a move towards optimal functioning
What is holistic health?
views the mind, body and spirit as interdependent and functioning as a whole in the environment
What is an episodic data base used for?
used for a limited short-term problem
What does an episodic data base mainly concern?
one problem, cue complex, or body system
What is the complete data base?
includes a complete health history and a full physical exam
What does the complete data base describe?
current and past health state
What does the complete data base form?
a baseline for future changes to be measured from
What is a follow-up data base?
used to evaluate the status of identified problems at appropriate intervals
What is an emergency data base?
calls for rapid collection of data
What is an emergency data base usually compiled along with?
lifesaving measures
What are the developmental stages?
infancy, early childhood toddler, early childhood preschooler, school child, preadolescent, adolescent, early adult, middle adult, late adult
When is a child considered in infancy?
birth to 1 year
What is the crisis for infancy?
trust vs. mistrust
What are the skills for an infant?
1st stage sensorimotor, object permanence, mental representation, imitation
What is the goal of trust vs. mistrust?
to have more trust than mistrust
What is trust vs. mistrust based off of?
responsiveness and nurturing of parent
When is early childhood toddler?
What is the crisis of early childhood toddler?
autonomy vs. shame and doubt
What are the skills of early childhood toddler?
mental representation, 1st stage peroperational, ritualism, paralley play
What is the goal of autonomy vs. shame and doubt?
child develops pride and confidence in his or her own ability
What is autonomy vs shame and doubt based on?
how the parent uses patience guidelines, and expectations to allow the toddler to explore w/o danger
When is early childhood preschool?
3-5/6 years
What is the crisis of early childhood preschool?
initiative vs. guilt
What are the skills of early childhood preschool?
symbolic function, delayed imitation, cooperative play, gender role, telegraphic phrasing
What is the goal of initiative vs. guilt?
to develop a sense of initiative and self-esteem
What is initiative vs. guilt based on?
parents encouraging and reassuring child to learn self-assertion, self-sufficiency, direction and purpose
when is middle childhood school age?
6-10 or 12 years
what is the crisis of middle childhood school age
industry vs. inferiority
What are the skills of middle childhood school age?
concrete operations, growth spurts
What is the goal of industry vs. inferiority?
build confidence, competence, and industry
What is industry vs. inferiority based on?
child gainer inner satisfaction in achieving a skill as well as receiving external recognition
When is preadolecence?
10 to 12 or 13 years
What is the crisis of preadolescence?
When is adolescence?
12 or 13 to 19 years
What is the crisis of adolescence?
ego identity vs. identity confustion
What is the goal of ego identity vs. identity confustion?
a sense of ego identity (career choice)
What is ego identity vs. identity confusion based on?
how the adolecent looks to others and how this image fits with his/her own view of self
When is early adulthood?
20 to 40 years
What is the crisis of early adulthood?
intimacy vs. isolation
What are the skills of early adulthood?
cooperation in marriage, parenting role, establish career, form philosophy of life
What is the goal of early adulthood?
to merge two self-identities in an intimate lasting relationship
What is intimacy vs isolation based on?
mature relationship of mutual trust cooperation, sharing of feelings/goals, and complete acceptance of another person
When is middle adulthood?
40 to 64 years
What is the crisis of middle adulthood?
generativity vs. stagnation
What are the skills of middle adulthood?
menopause, empty nest, achievement in career, adjust to aging parents
What is the goal of generativity vs. stagnation?
to feel needed, to leave something behind, to leave his or her mark on the workd
How can the crisis of middle adulthood be fulfilled?
producing next generation or by producing something to pass on to the next generation
When is late adulthood?
65+ years
What is the crisis of late adulthood?
ego integrity vs. despair
What are the skills of late adulthood?
conduct a life review, prepare for death, develop post-retirement activites
What is the goal of ego integrity vs. despair?
feel content with his/her one life on earth, satisfied that if they could live it over again they'd do it the same
What is the crisis of late adulthood based on?
life review of events, experiences and relationships and deeming them good
What does the DDST test?
gross motor function, language, fine motor skills, and personal social skills
What does DDST stand for?
Denver Developmental Screening Test
What is the DDST screening instrument designed to do?
detect developmental delays in infants and preschoolers
When is the DDST longituidinal?
when it follows the same child in a health care or educational setting
What should the physical environment of the interview be like?
even temp, reduce noise, remove distracting objects/equip. maintain personal distance, equal status seating, sufficient lighting
Discuss note-taking
should try to avoid b/c breaks up eye contact and negatively affects rapport
can be threatening, impedes observation