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what should be included in assessment of the visual system?
past health history and family history including and nonocular problems.
what are some illnesses important to know about?
rheumatoid arthritis
ms, syphyllis, heart disease, Lung disease
what is the concern with heart disease and eye problems?
beta blockers used in the treatment of glaucoma may lower BP or slow heart rate
what is the concern with lung disease and eye problems?
beta blockers used in the treatment of glaucoma may exacerbate asthma
what meds should be included in the assessment?
all currently taking including OTC and herbal remedies.
what affect will cold meds with ephedrine have on the eye?
dilate the pupil which is an adverse effect for someone with glaucoma.
what affect will antihistamines have on the eye?
will dry the eye
Longterm cortisone treatment leads to what?
glaucoma and cataracts.
why should you assess the pt's perceived ability to perform activities of daily living and function.
ADLs or recreation/work may affect eyes by exposing to injury or limitations may be a clue to visual or ocular problems.
what does a physical exam for most pts include?
external eye structures, look for symmetry, inflammation, lesions, deformities.
no excessive tearing/drainage; sclera white; lens clear; conjunctiva clear; PERRLA, EOMI(extraoccular motor intact); visual acuity; no diplopia.
What is a way to inspect internal areas of pts eyes:
ophthalmoscope ("better or worse")
how is visual acuity tested?
Snellan chart- smallest line read with no more than 2 errors.
what does the visual acuity of 20/30 mean?
pt. reads at 20 feet (where he is standing) what a normal person reads at 30 ft.
what is the definition of legal blindness?
a central visual acuity of 20/200 or less with best correction or a visual field of 20 degrees or less at its widest diameter (tunnel vision)
what are other tests for visual acuity if snellan chart not available?
finger counting