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How did David describe Gods people? What does God hope they will do forever ? Also what does God need them to learn to do ?
Praiseworthy are those who dwell in your house may they always praise you, Selah.
Who is this devoted ?
Praiseworthy is the people for whom this is so.
What do God's people deserve ?
Praiseworthy is the people whose God is
What God is this ?
What kind of psalm is this and who wrote it ?
Solomon's father, David.
Aleph - In what enthusiastic way does God hope you will bless God,whose God (?),a certain kind of leader.What does this do ? For how long does God desire this of us ?
I will exault my God the heavenly sovereign and I will bless Your name,forever and ever.
rejoice greatly
beit - How often does God hope you will be this devoted ?
every day I will bless you,
Also remember to do what and for how long ?
and I will laud Your Name forever and ever.
high commendation
gimel - How big is God and how much is God praised ?
God is great and exceedingly lauded.
God is even larger than what measurement ?
and Your (from His) greatness is beyond fathoming
resh - How might each group of us speak of our devotion to your help ?
Each generation will praise your deeds to the next
How could time be measured ?
Speaking of great help in a kind of tangible form.
and of your mighty deeds they will tell.
hey - An old way to describe God's greatness ?
The splendrous glory of Your power
the delightful and praisworthy form of your greatness will be told
and Your wondrous deeds I shall discuss.
of your immense ability
, people will utter.
vav- of Your awesome power, they will speak
and your largess one will tell
and your greatness I shall relate
the memory of your great righteousness, people will speak
zed - a recollection of your abundant goodness they will utter
of God's goodness, people are with determination chanting rejoicefully
and of Your righteousness they will sing exultantly
the qualities of these two are among the characteristics of God
hey - gracious and merciful is God