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Degenerative Disk Disease
Nucleus pulposus becomes flatter with time because of dehydrating and older age
Why old people shrink
Umbrella term that deals with many problems characterized by inflammation and degeneration of connective tissue
inflammation of joints
Supply of nerves and blood to bone
Definition, Causes & Symptoms
Degenerative joint disease
Not actually a disease
Normal wear and tear of joints over years
Wearing down of cartilege
Natural process
Can lead to break down of synovium

Poor posture
Poor alignment
Not walking right

Dolar: pain
Tumor: Swelling
Loss of Function
cushion that prevents bone from touching bone, very smooth
Does not regenerate after time
Synovial Membrane
Produces fluid to lubricate joints
Stops being produced over time
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA)
Rubor, Dolar, Tumor, Loss of Functions, Calor
True Disease
Still's Disease
Affects joints, tendons, ligaments
Onset is when child is born
causes problems with growth plates and may lead to dwarfism
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Antigen enters joint and attacks synovium causing body to send antibodies which produce an exnzyme and creates more swelling
Becomes continuous cycle
Eventually bone starts to get broken down also
Causes of RA

Symptoms of RA
1. Hereditary

2. Swelling, system wide involvement
White cell rises, leading to sickness
rubor- red
calor- hot
dolar- pain
tumor- swelling
loss of functioning
Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis
1. Reduce inflammation
2. Night Splinting
3. Surgery- synovectomy
joint replacement
rheumatic disease affecting soft tissue
metabolic disease
all 5 cardinal symptoms
uric acid crystalizes in joints
very painful
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Fusion of spinal joints of 2 or more vertebrae
Antigen in vertebrae
causing bad cycle of inflammation and antibodies
bones grow and may fuse together inhibiting movement in the spine
Person is not born with proper facets that keep vertebrae aligned
Vertebrae may slide forward
Causes pressure on roots, cord and ligaments
Very painful
Usually in lower, lumbar region
Think: lego blocks
Herniated Intervetebral Disc
injury to annoulus
nucleus pulposus squeezing through pressure on ligaments and nerve endings