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8-1 vessle from where
8-1 vessle from what period
Jomen period
8-1 vessle was significant because of what markings
cord markings
8-1 vessle form is what
inferior with function
8-2 Dotaku is what
a bell
8-2 Dotaku is also what
a ceromonial object
8-2 Dotaku what time frame
8-2 Dotaku has what on it
simple line drawings that are early pictorial
8.4 Haniwa from what period
Kofun period
8.4 Haniwa what does it mean
8.4 Haniwa made from what
8.4 Haniwa is uniqely what
8-5 Main Hall, Ise shrine, Ise Mie Prefecture is a shrine to who?
8-7 Tori Busshi/ Shaka Triad- what century?
8-7 Tori Busshi/ Shaka Triad what period
8-7 Tori Busshi/ Shaka Triad what is behind it
8-8 Buddah and Budavista/ Yakushi triad influenced by what
india and china
8-10 Diabutsuden is what largest what
wooden building
8-10 Diabutsuden original had how many statues in it
53 statues
8-11 Taizokai (womb world) is what
Mandala- cosmic design
8-13 Scene from Minori - Tale of Gengie made when
12th century
8-15 Derail of the priest Shunjobo Chogen Todaiji is what
Yamoto- uniquely Japan
8-15 Derail of the priest Shunjobo Chogen Todaiji helped what
rebuild japan
8-16 Detail of the burning of the sanjo palace is read how
right to left
8-17 amaida decending over the mountains appeals to who
all classes