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Abbot Suger
the head monk of the Monastary of St. Denise
-grew up in orphanage
-became important-into control of great power and wealth
-council the King (right hand man)
St. -Denis *
-started Gothic Style/Roman
-brought christianity to Gall
-first Christian missionary in France
-killed b/c christian
the space reserved for the clergy and singers in the church, usuallly east of the traansept but, in some instaces, extended from the Nave
end of the Gothic church, including choir, ambulatory, and rdiating chapels.
pointed arch
a narrow arch of poointed profile, in contrast to a semicirular arch
stained glass window
In Gothic architecture, the colored glass used for windows; most important art form
nave arcade
In basilica architecture , the series of arches supported by piers ofr columns separting the nave from the aisles
smaller version of gallery-visual decoration
In a Gothic cathedral, the blind arcaded gallery below the clerestroy; occasionaly the arcades are filled with stained glass.
flying buttress
exterior support meant to reinforce at butress the upper Nave walls (take over the function of Ramseque gallery)