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Cornelia presenting Her Children as Her Treasures
Kaufmann; 1785; historicism
The Death of General Wolfe
West; 1770; historicism
Jefferson; 1796-1809
George Washington
Houdon; 1788-1792; Neoclassicism
The Oath of the Horatii
David; 1784; Neoclassicism
The Death of Marat
David; 1793; Neoclassicism
The Third of May, 1808
Goya; 1814; Romanticism
The Slave Ship
Turner; 1840; Romanticism
The Oxbow
Cole; 1836; Romanticism
Grand Odalisque
Ingres; 1814; Neoclassicism/Romanticism
The Raft of the Medusa
Gèricault; 1818-1819; Romanticism
Death of Sardanapalus
Delacroix; 1827; Romanticism