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All cells contain the same _____.

Every cell is capable of making everything the body can produce.
What is a totipotent cell?
One which can mature into any body cell
How are genes prevented from expressing themselves? (2)
Preventing transcription and hence production of mRNA

Breaking down mRNA before its genetic code can be translated
What is the name of totipotent cells found in mature animals?
Adult stem cells
Where are adult stem cells found? (3)
Inner lining of the small intestine, skin, bone marrow
What can stem cells be used for?
Treating genetic disorders (thalassaemia, sickle cell anaemia)
Mature plants have many/few totipotent cells
How can you clone many plants?

What is this called?
Cut cells from the root and place it in a nutrient medium and give it chemical stimuli

In vitro development