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a loyal political following
Judicial Review
As ruled by John Marshall in Marbury v. Madison, judicial review is the Supreme Ct's authority to determine constitutionality.
Impeaching Sam Chase
never happened althouh Jeff. wanted it to b/c impeaching was only for misdemeanor crimes and not hatred.
Non-intercourse Act
after Embargo, in 1808, reopened trade with all nations except France and England.
illegal seizure of men forcing them to serve on ships that are not their country. Brit. impressed US seamen before 1812.
Judiciary Act 1801
passed by feds. in last days of domination in congress, packed the judiciary branch w/ judges for lifelong positions.
Orders in Council
The London decree that closed all French ports to outsiders including the US unless they stopped at a british port first.
Judiciary Act 1789
organized the Supreme Court, originally with five justices and and a chief justice, along with several federal district and circuit courts. It also created the attorney general's office. This Act created the judiciary branch of the U.S. government and thus helped to shape the future of this country.
Also is what Marbury fought against saying the Judic. had no right to determine the const.
Battle of Austerlitz
In the French/Brit. conflict of 1812, this was a catalyst, because it gave France supremacy when Napoleon beat Austria and Russia and won.
1. Macon's Bill No. 2
2. What year?
After the Embargo and the Non-intercourse act, passed under Madison and said that the US would trade with the whole world if England OR France repealed their Non-importation agreements against eachother.
2. 1810