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Election of 1800
"revolution of 1800"; Jefferson won by 73 electoral votes to 65; deadlock broken by Federalistswho restrained from voting; returned to the original spirit of the revolution; end of the Federalist party
John Marshall
Thomas Jefferson's cousin; appointed to Supreme Court by Adams; shaped American legal tradition; Federalist; magnified authority of courts; Marbury vs. Madison; "judicial review"
Marbury vs. Madison
1803; Madison holds money from Marbury; Marbury sues; brought to Marshall and dismissed; Marshall declares judicial review
Samuel Chase
Supreme Court justice; very unpopular; not impeached; last attempt at reshaping Supreme Court by impeachment; separation of powers
Tripolitan War
1801-1805; Americans fight Barbary pirates from Africa; Nacy sent to the shores of Tripoli; US Navy gains recognition
right of deposit
withdrawn by the Spaniards at New Orleans; guaranteed to America by the Treaty of 1795; vital to farmers; angered pioneers; Jefferson ordered not to fight back; would have ended in war with Spain and France
Robert Livingston
minister in Paris; told by Jefferson to buy New Orleans and as much land as possible for $10 million; ended up with Louisiana purchase for $15 million in 1803; failed an alliance with GB
Louisiana Purchase
1803; more than doubled the size of the US; $15 million; Jefferson said it was unconstitutional, but still approved it
Zebulon Pike
trekked to headwaters of Mississippi River in 1805-1806; ventured to southern portion of LP; sighted Colorado Peak
Aaron Burr
Jefferson's first term vice president; dropped from Cabinet; joined a group of Federalist extremists to plot the secession of New England and New York; planned to separate East and West; stopped by Hamilton; challenged and killed Hamilton in a duel; arrested for treason; acquitted then fled to Europe
1807; a US frigate that was overhauled by a royal frigate; British demanded surrender but US refused; 3 killed, 18 wounded, 4 deserters dragged away; avoided war
Embargo Act (1807)
forbade the export of all goods in US to any country; peaceful coercion; hurt US more than other countries; repealed in March of 1809
Non-Intercourse Act (1809)
reopened all trade except to Britain and France; attempted to keep neutrality with the two countries during the Napoleanic Wars
Macon's Bill No. 2
American reopened trade with the entire world; Napolean convinces Madison to give Britain 3 months to lift its Orders in Council; Madison did; British chose not to; Embargo reenacted to Britain; led to War of 1812
War Hawks
Democratic-Republicans; supported the war; resented the abuse of American sailors and Orders in Council; met in 1811 at the 12th Congress; wanted war to elimate Indian threats to pioneers
Shawnee; went with his brother Tenskwatawa ("the prophet") to unify Indians for a last resort battle with settlers; allied with GB; urged supporters to never cede land to whites until all Indians agreed
William Henry Harrison
governor of the Indiana Territory; attacked by the Prophet and a small group of Shawnees while Tecumseh was gone; defeated the Shawnees at the Battle of Tippecanoe
Battle of Tippecanoe
Shawnee defeated; made Harrison a national hero; discredited the Prophet; drove Tecumseh into an alliance with GB
Mr. Madison's War
Madison asked Congress to declare war on GB on June 1 1812; Congress agreed; war hawks continued to invade Canada to stop Indians who were being armed by GB; opposed by Federalists (supported GB)