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Frances Galton
Personality and Ability determined almost entirely on genetics
Albert Ellis
Rational Emotive Theory, (RET) - altering client's patterns of irrational thinking to reduce maladaptive behavior and emotions
S. Schacter
To experience emotions, must be physically aroused and cognitively label arousal
Mary Cover Jones
Systematic Desensitization
Robert Sternberg
Triarchic Theory of Intelligence: Computative/Analytical, Practical, Creative
Lewis Term an
Revised Binet's I.Q. test and established normes for American children
Philip Zimbardo
Conducted the famous Stanford Prison experiment; social roles influence on people's behavior
David Rosenhan
Once you are diagnosed with a disorder, your care would not be very good
Rosenthal and Jacobson
Pygmalion in a Classroom: labeling
Simon Asch
Study on conformity
Kurt Lewin
Democratic style proven to be the most productive
Karen Horney
Personality is continually molded by current fears adn impulses, rather than being determined solely by childhood experiences and instincts
Mary Cover Jones
Systematic desensitization
Martin Sligman
Learned helplessness
Walter B. Cannon
Believed that gastri activity in an empty stomach was the sole b asis for hunger, (experiment inserting balloons in stomachs of subjects)
Fechner's Law
States that the magnitude of a sensory experience is proportional to teh number of JND's that the stimulus causing the experiences above absolute threshold.
Terminally ill phases: 1. denial, 2. anger/resentment, 3. bargaining with God, 4. depression, 5. acceptance
Robert Zajonc
Mere exposure effect
Henry Murray
Need to achieve varied in strength in different people and influenced their tendency to approach success and evalluate their own performances
David McClelland
Created scoring system for TAT
Paul Ekman
Facial expression are universal