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What joints lacks a synovial cavity?
Cartilaginous joints
Think Cartilage
What are bones tightly connected by?
Fibrocartilage or hyaline cartilage
Fibro... Hya...
Synovial Joints separates what?
Articulating Bones
Synovial are ______ movable.
Do what they want
Name two things that artcular cartilage does.
Reduces friction and absorbs shock
What surrounds a joint?
Articular joint
The synovial membrane is the what?
Inner lining of capsule
What does the synovial membrane secrete?
Synovial fluid containing hyaluronic acid
Bursae is what?
Saclike structures between structures
examination of joint
Replacement of joints
Plasty sounds like plaster
Poor circulation/blood flow=
poor nutrition to tissues = slow healing
What joint has side to side movement only?
Planar joint
Give 3 examples of planar joints
What joint is like a door hinge?
Hinge joint
In a hinge joint, convex surface of one bones fits into what?
Concave surface of second bone
Give 4 examples of a hinge joint.
In a pivot joint, rounded surface of bone articulates with what?
Ring formed by second bone & ligament
What is the pivot joint monaxial?
Because it allows only rotation around longitudinal axis
Give 3 examples of a pivot joint.
~Proximal radioulnar joint
What does the atlanto-axial joint allow a person to do?
Turning the head side to side ("no")
What is the condyloid or ellipsodial joint comparable to?
An advanced joystick
What joint is an oval-shaped projection that fits into an oval depression?
Condyloid or Ellpipsoidal Joint
Biaxial is...
flex/extend or abduct/adduct is possible
Give an example of Condyloid or Ellpipsoidal Joint.
Wrist and metacarpophalangeal joints for digist 2 to 5
What joint is like a person sitting in a saddle?
The saddle joint
What does circumduction allow?
Tip of thumb to travel in a circle
What does oppostition allow?
Tip of thumb to touch tip of other fingers
In a ball and socket joint, what does the ball fit into?
A cuplike depression
Give 2 examples of a ball and socket joint
~Hip joint
~Should joint
What is a bursae?
fluid-filled saclike extension of the joint capsule
What does the bursae do?
Reduces friction between moving structures
What are tendon sheaths?
Tubelike bursae that wrap around tendons at wrist and ankle where many tendons come together in an confined space
What is bursitis?
Chronic inflammation of a bursae
Where does circumduction occur?
Occurs at ball and socket, saddle, and condyloid joints
In rotation, the bones revolves around what?
Its own longitudinal axis
What is medial rotation?
Turning of anterior surface in towards the midline
What lateral rotation?
Turning of anterior surface away from the midline
Name 4 special movements of mandible.
Name 6 special movements of the hand and foot
Think R.O.M.
What makes up the shoulder joint?
Head of humerus and glenoid cavity of scapula
The glenohumeral joint is what?
The shoulder joint
What does the rotator cuff attach?
The humerus to the scapula
What kind of joint is the elbow joint?
Hinge joint
In the elbow joint, what does the collateral ligaments do?
Maintain integrity of joint (keep joint in place)
What is one of the strongest strucutes in the body?
The hip joint
Where is the tibiofermoral joint located?
Between femur, tibia, and patella
What kind of joint is between the tibia and femur?
Hinge joint
What kind of joint is between the patella and femur?
Gliding joint
What is the tibiofermoral joint mostly made up of?
Ligaments and tendons
A tendon is what?
bone to muscle
A ligament is what?
bone to bone