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outer lining of the cell is called? and what is its function?
plasma membrane, selective barrier, communication, sercretion
What 2 things can pass through the membrane?
glucose and H2O...glucose needs help tho
Plasma membrane can be smooth or rough, why does it have folds?
increases surface area of mem. abosrbs more molecules
What other components are in the bilayer?
glycolipids and cholesterol
what does cholesterol do? what happens if you have too much cholesterol?
makes membranes more rigid, less fluid! athrosclerois-too much cholesterol between phospholipids causing cell to become more rigid not able to move so bv cant stretch, blood is being pumped and pressure builds up and bursts becoming an anerysm
what type of protein forms channels and has carriers?
fingerlike extensions, increase surface area for absorption
3 types of cell junctions?
tight, desmosomes, gap junctions
this junction fuses membrance together, protects from leakage ex: stomach
tight junction
this junction anchors, distribute tension and prevents tearing...found in skin, heart, muscle
this junction hollow center allows ions and molecules to pass thru, connects 2 cells
gap junctions