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Function and location of Simple Squamus Epithelium
Function: Secrete and absorb
Location: blood vessels, air sacs of lungs
Function and location of simple cuboidal epithelium
Function: Secretion/absorption
Location: kidney tubules
Function and location of simple columnar epithelium
Function: absorption/secretion
Location: digestive tract
Function and location of pseudostratified columnar epithelium
Function: secretion of mucus
Location: trachea
Function and location of stratified squamous epithelium
location: esophagus, vagina. anus
Function and location of stratified columnar epithelium
function:protection, secretion
location: male urethra
function and location of transitional epithelium
function: permits stretching
location: ureters, bladder
function and location of areolar connective tissue
function: cushion organs
locations: dermis, around organs
function and location of adipose connective tissue
function: insulates, protects
location: under skin, breasts
function and location of reticular connective tissue
function: supports white blood cells. filters
location: spleen, lymph nodes
function and location of dense connective tissue
function: attaches muscles to bones and bone to muscle
location: tendons, ligaments
function and location of dense irregular connective tissue
function: withstand tension and provides more range of motion
location: joint capsule, dermis
function and location of hyaline cartilage
function: supports and reinforces with a little "give"
location: nose, trachea
function and location of elastic cartilage
function: support
location: ear, epiglottis
function and location of fibrocartilage
function: shock absorber
loctioin: intervertrebral disc
function and location of osseous tissue
function: support and protection
location: bones
function and location of blood
function:transport gases, nutrients and waste
location: within blood vessels
function and location of nervous tissue
function: transmit electrical signals
location: bran, spinal cord
function and location of skeletal muscle
function: allows movement of the body
location: skeletal muscles attached to bone

voluntary movement
function and location of cardiac muscle
function: allows contraction of the heart
location: heart

involuntary movement
function and location of smooth muscle
function: allows food etc to move down different 'pipes"
location: digestive system

involuntary movement