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Charcteristics of cell cycle specific drugs
Don't act in G0 phase, used in a schedule dependent way, best killing is seen if drug is given in repeated small fractions, work best of tumors with high GF
Which drugs are CCS?
Antimetabolites, Vinka alkaloids, padaphyllotoxins (G2/s), Bleomycin (G2)
Characteristics of CCNS drugs?
cytotoxic effect at any time in cell cycle, dose dependent effect
Which drugs are CCNS?
alkylating agents, platinums, DNA breakers, antibiotics (except bleomycin)
Log-kill hypothesis
cancer drugs kill a fixed proportion of the cancer cells not a fixed number
4 classes of anti cancer drugs
DNA alkylatinf agents, antimetabolites, drugs that act on mitotic spindle, antibioticsm hormonal agents
this class of drugs does concentration dependent killing
what is growth fraction/
proportion of tumor cells that are actively dividing
vinca alkaloids act in what phase?
M phase
Podophyllotoxins act in what phase?
early G2 or s phase