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Sam Gill "The Academic Study of Religion"
traditional comparative approach has been biased towards western cultures and the "Great Religions"
Christ (Toward A Paridigm Shift)
males lack bonding with mother
knowledge beyond culture
cultural relativism
assoc with prehistoric religions
least problematic with regard to def of religion
trasncendental reality
neolithic period
10,000 years ago
world's people assoc with Islam
of the "great" or "world" religions
they are not universal or have universal potential
Christian Protestant
Edward Tylor
minimal definition of religion "belief in spiritual beings"
no opinion or prospective is privilidged
Gill states
religious study of religion has greater value
functionalist analysis of religion
does not rely orn truth or falsity of religion
rule of falsifiability
"the speed of sound is faster than the speed of light"
creation myth or stories of any religion
hindu many manfestations of God
belief in many gods where one is more exalted or superior
post modernism
gradual encroachment of the :other:
in what was once considered privilidged space
oldest religion Persian empire three magi
vodoo doll is
sympathetic magic
tarot cards
relation to field work participate and observe without puttin gtoo much emphasis on ethier one
anonomys christian
inclucivist - not aware that they are Christians
says that everyone is touched by the spirit of Christ
belief that all religions are ok
intelict movement in 17th and 18th cen (progress of human civilization)

(oppossed view from religion)
believe that groups burn the polar bear the scapula bone will lead them to good hunting grounds .. whatever way the bone is facing
"law of Contact"
once something has come into contact with somethng
sanctum sanctorium
highly guarded religious place
most sacred place in the religion
liminal period
between transitional stage and intro
socially heterogenous
post modern society is described as this
ethos of objectivity
closest link to cultural relativism because
ethos of eros and empathy
closest to going native
John Hick's analogy based on cartography
people can trnslate maps from a 3d globe to a 2 dimension paper .. the same for religions...they can be translated differently based on language, cluture and geography.
Yanomamo culture myth
brave masculine warlike men created An arrow shot God on the earth and blood dripped. God became preg in his legs .. from the left leg came the woman and the right leg came the men
4 great world religions that originated in INDIA
Hinduism Jainism Buddhism Sikhism
2 great world religions CHINA
Taoism Confuscionism
4 religion do not worship God or Gods
Jainism Taoism Therabuddahism Confuscionism
4 largest or great in order of size
Christianity Hindu Islam Buddhism
tribal indegenous "non-literate"
no written records or books...
example of reactment or comemorates mythology
communion Trancsubt?
don't forget
Trinadad largest religion sect
10% of all African people
assoc with tribal ind
high or basic God of the tribal ind
thought of as so withdrawn from human affairs that he is not overtly worshipped
lie closest to the Nature/culture interface
slash and burn agriculture
"it is not the conc of men that dertermines their exsistencebut, on the contrary, their social existence determines their concness"
Karl Marx
Christology debates disagree on
divine/human nature of Christ
reproduction versus feeding
Thomas Malthus
Truth is not necessarily a function of reason
Michel Foucault
Postmodernists reject western scientific paridigm but in doin so they
fail to acknowledge "knowledge beyond culture"
Emle Durkheim
religion is a unified set of beliefs and practices that unite individuals into one single moral community
Emile Durk
God is a figurative expression of society
Max Weber
religion actually lays the foundation for production of subsistence
least cultural - highly controversial artist
Becker argues in Denial of Death
culture and religion are fictions and lies but they help us lead normal lives
Character traits are
secret physocis
individuals who expect others to abide by their rather narrow minded concepts and "proper" culture
don't kill cows but they do eat them (CASTE SYSTEM)
physical structure one of 3 in Orisha
implements of Gods are kept CHAPelle
African component of the Orisha religion
African God warfare
2 or more women as wives
The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life
Emile Durk
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirite of Capitolism
Max Weber
Becker used this term to refer to the animal(biological)side of the human
outdoor altar for sacrifice Orisha
anal personality in Becker's Terms
more anal more he is trying to protect himself form the problems and fear of his own dying and death
joining of two or more cultures to form somethng different
Frederich Nietzsche
Death of God Idea
inauthentic man
keirkergard - not genuine-not a true person of culture follows the crowd and afraid to face reality
The African God who sent his oldes son to create the world blah blah and the in the end he left it to the ORISHA and retreated
Orisha in Trinadad 5 diff cultural traditions
Catholicism spiritual Baptist Kaballah Vodoo Yoruba
4 African derived religions in the New World
Santeria Vodoun Orisha Candomble
Tribal/ind newborn theory
ghost child
trick to get them to love it and then take it away
understanding only in a particular culture may be confusing to outsiders
understood universaly
law of least effort
human universal recognized by cult materialists
3 examples of what post modernists would refer to as metanarratives
Hinduism Capitalis Marxism
Michel Foucault traditional Christianity demand silence
people are following dogm and traditions of the culture they are familiar with they cannot step over the line and be different .. if they do it is heresy