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Plants contain __ Vit A… they contain:
No; beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A
Beta-carotene is an:
Where does the animal get Vitamin A since it can not synthesize it?
From diet (vitamin premix or ingredients)
If its _____, sight is keen”
original made to prevent ships from blowing up due to spontaneous combustion; now used in all animal food
Vitamin E is located
in the cell membrane.
Se is located
w/ glutathione peroxidase in the cytoplasm.
Selenium is a cofactor for this enzyme
Glutathione peroxidase
Sulfur Containing Amino Acids
protein in hair, nails, beaks, hoofs, feathers, fur and skin…… that is why you smell sulfur when you burn these things
51 amino acids in
human insulin
To go from curly to straight hair you…
break the disulfide linkages and reconnect them in a new way
How does glucose get into the cell?
When insulin binds to the receptor on the cell membrane it causes a change that allows the glucose receptors to recognize the glucose and accept it into the cell
Peter J van Soest’s system of fiber analysis:
refined the understanding of the fibrous components of feedstuff
Divised a way to determine cell contents: soluble fiber, structural fiber and lignin