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Animal Nutrition was recognized as a separate science in ____
Animal Nutrition is the science of _____ _____
food nutrients
Nutrition comes from the latin word ____ meaning __ _______.
nutriment; to nourish
Animal nutrition studies how food nutrients are used to promote _____, _____, and/or ____ in the body
maintanance, growth, repair
Animal nutrition is the sum of ___________ and ______ food.
taking in; using
Involves ____________ and ________ activities in the body
chemical; physical
Today nutritionists are ________ the nutrient requirements of animals
Today nutritionists are very concerned about __________________.
nutrient availability
___________ and ____________ are the most available minerals
sulfides; chlorides
Nutrients are __________ or __________
essential; non-essential
Hippocrates said:
“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”
Components of a food that are extracted from a food and often sold in dosage form
Designer foods
Foods that have been altered by incorporating something into them that is beneficial to animal health
Functional foods
Similar to conventional foods and are highly regarded as very high quality foods because they are excellent sources of nutrients that have a specific function in the animal