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Are vegetarians at higher risk of IDA?
Vegetarians have lower iron stores, but no increase in iron deficiency anemia compared with the general population.
What is the most common symptom of IDA?
Usually No symptoms; sometimes pallor.
Signs of severe anemia:
fatigue, exercise intolerance, tachycardia, poor growth, and splenomegaly; blue sclerae, koilonychia, and angular stomatitis. During infancy and early childhood, iron deficiency anemia has been associated with developmental delays and behavioral disturbances; increased susceptibility to infection, pica, and increased gastrointestinal lead absorption that may result in plumbism.
The normal term infant is born with enough iron to last about
6 to 9 months.
iron deficiency is most common at
10 to 15 months of age
What is the earliest detectable laboratory change with IDA?
The red cell distribution width (RDW)
What 3 conditions resulting increased FEP?
lead poisoning, chronic disease, and iron deficiency
What is FEP?
Free erythrocyte protoporphyrin; When iron is not available for hemoglobin synthesis, there is a build-up of precursor molecules that lack iron (protoporphyrins), which are incorporated into red blood cells.