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Preferred method of giving Fe?
oral (iv can cause allergy)
Functions of hepcidin?
keeps iron in storage and decreases absorbtion
What increases hepcidin production?
high iron/tibc; TNF; inflamm/infxn
What drugs are ass w/folate deficiency?
phenytoin, pyrimethamine, mtx (leucovorin)
What is diamond-blackfan syndrome?
congenital pure red cell aplasia
Thymoma is associated with what hematological abnormality/
pure red cell aplasia
What is a crenated cell and what is it associated with?
spiky RBC with central pallor, ass w/kidney dz
What is an acanthocyte and what is it ass w/?
spiky RBC w/o central pallor, ass w/liver dz
Findings in myelophthisic anemia?
teardrop rbcs and leukoerythroblastosis
What causes leg uclers?
sickle cell AND HerSPheroCYT
What hematological d/o does cholelithiasis indicate?
chronic hemolytic anemias (like hered sherocyto)
Tx for hereditary spherocytosis?
splenectomy and polyvalent vaccine (transfusion if in aplastic crisis)
Defect in hered stomatocytosis?
na pump problem
Name the dz: kid is fine then gets severe hemolytic anemia with fever?
hereditary pyropoikilocytosis
inheritance pattern of g6pd def?
sex linked
What are heinz bodies ass w?
g6pd, thal, others? Unstable Hb
What are Howel -Jolly bodies?
nuclear remnants causing small round inclusions in RBCs…indicative of ASPLENIA
Difference btwn direct and indirect antiglobin test?
direct looks on RBCs and is for autimmune; indirect looks in serum and is for alloimmune
Tx for warm AIHA?
prednisone, splenectomy, immunosuppressives
Tx cold Ab type hem anem?
tx underlying chronic lymphoprolif or…if no underlying, keep the pt warm
Clinical morphologic features of PK def?
Name the dz: adverse effects of anemia are offset by increased 2,3-BPG?
PK deficiency
How does PK deficiency cause anemia?
decreased ATP production leads to increased permeability and DEATH