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Alexander the great
defeats king darius 3 of persia
didn't lose a battle in 30 years
ppl thought of him as god
conquered more than 70 cities
Annales Maximi
written down events of the year- ancient rome
12 tables
451/450 bc 1st time in roman history law written down
lex canuleia
plebs and patricians can intermarry now
leges liciniae/ sextiae
consul is at least one pleb now
judge 2
4 market, games
20 10 years in army then responsible for taxation and treasury
tribunes of the plebs
10 supervise elections
religious sacrifice for good of rome in battle- gave inspiration
if rome defeated, every 10th soldier publicly humiliated, stoned
1st punic war
mamertines siezed greek city syracuse, asked both rome and carthage for help, carthage came first, rome worrie syracuse to close for comfort so they illegaly started war, interfered with trade routes
carthage wings in a few navy battles but rome wins overall and takes sicily. peace treaty
2nd punic war
rome helps mercenaries revolt against carthage, they win and they take sardinia and corsica.
Ebro treaty
hannibal (carthaginian leader) versus skippio affrikanus (roman) they dont' have a big enough military so hannibal loses
takes place in northern italy
3rd punic war
peace treaty
carthage to pay rome for 50 years, come up with money too soon, rome scared, cato convinces them to destroy carthage and they do in 146 bc, same year as corinth
1st macedonian war
king phillip V vs. rome
rome won
2nd macedonian war
romans help greece defeat maceconians, give them power, leave, come back defeat macedonians again and give them land and leave again
3rd macedonian war
romans back to defeat macedonia again, divide it into 4 republics and leave
4th macedonian war
romans destroy corinth, same year as destruction of carthage
C. Marius
consul for 5 consecutive years
1st time in roman history
took power from sulla, flees rome, comes back becomes consul again and dies, cilla takes over, dies, carbo takes over
1st roman civil war
carbo vs. sulla, sulla wins
after win, becomes dictator and introduces proscriptions
shifts power to senate from assembly
adds 300 senators (friends of his) and dies
1st triumverant
Caesar-wants consulship and to keep his military control
Pompey- wants land for his soldiers
Crassus- wants tax reforms
how it starts bet pompey and caesar
caesar- goes to france -8 years experienced army
pompey stays in rome as consul, sends legate (deputy) to spain for him (first time ever done) caesar not to come back until disbanned army, he sayd you first, pompey refuses, caesar comes back, pompey flees, caesars servants kill him
after caesar takes over
wants to become dictator for like 10 years or life, is killed by bruts/brutus and cassius on march 15 44bc
beginning of octavian
becomes son in law of caesar, gets army by giving power to senate, fights antony in gaul and wins, scares senate so they give power to brutus
2nd triumverant
introduced proscriptions
Octavian- had to do dirty work
antony falls in love with cleo, octavian uses against him- foreign, defeats them after 2 battles and they commit suicide
after death of antony
end of civil war
beginning of Augustus
gives back power, gets it back and 90% of armies
names him emperor augustus and gives him shield with four virtues: justice, piety, courage and clemency
3 cases of how powerful augustus was
1-nephew marcellus aedile at 18
2-gallus in egypt-pressure, kills himself
3-gets triumph from one of his legates victories
augustus gets sick, gives back his power again, what happens?
he gets proconsul, trib power for life, place in senate
writes res gestae( doesn't include proscriptions)
things that augustus accomplished b/c of increased pressure and feelings of responsibility from being only one in charge
fire brigade
police force
grain supply
many statues of him
buildings $$$$$$