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Helped Thutmosis III (stepson/nephew) with power, reigned co-ruler for 22 years, he soon took her place and defaced her monuments.
Name was once Amenhotep.
Worshiped the son god, monotheistic.
features:Shown w/ elongated head and limbs, exaggerated nose and full lips.
Most human of pharaohs
Period of short-lived but quite distinctive culture of Akhenaten's reign.
Akhenaten, Nefertit, and Three of Their Children
Amarna, 18th Dynasty
c. 1370 BC
Description: Limestone relief. Royal family sits beneath rays of the sun, symbolyzing the sun god Aton. Naturalism typical of period.
Death Mask of Tutankhamen
Thebes, 18th Dynasty
c. 1323
Description: Gold Inlay of semiprecious stones, falsebeard, symbol of kingship, and the sumpuous use of precious metals of lapis lazuli.
Temple of Ramses II
Abu Simbel, 19th Dynasty
c. 1275-1225
Description: Most colossal of all Egyptian constructions. Statues outside all of Ramses