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Name the 8 bones of the cranium
Frontal bone, two parietal bones, two temporal bones, occipital bone, sphenoid bone, and ethmoid bone.
Name the 14 bones of the face
2 maxillae mandible 2 nasal bones 2 zygomatic bones 2 lacriminal bones 2 palantine 2 inferior conchae vomer
which bone is the only bone that normally does not form a joint with any other bone of the skeleton
name the 3 types of vertabra and how many of each
cervical 7 thoracic 12 lumbar 5
what bones make up the bony cage known as the thorax
ribs vertebral sternum
what is a floating rib
a floating rib is one that does not attach even indirectly to the sternum
what bones make up the shoulder girdle
scapula and clavicle
What are the bones of the foreamr what is the bone of the upper arm
radius and ulna r is lateral, tibia
name the bones of the hand and wrist
metacarpals, wrist carpals
which 3 bones fuse together during skeletal development to form the coxal (hip) bone
iliumm ischium and pubis
list the bones of the lower extremity and indicate position
Femur:thigh bone. Patella kneecap, Tibia largest of lower leg bones. Fibula: smaller of the 2 lower leg bones Tarsals: ankle bones. Metatarsals: Phalanges:
what are the functional advantages of foot arches
Arches furnish more supporting strength per given amount of structural material
Appendicular skeleton
bones of the upper and ower extremities
axial skeleton
the bones of the head, neck, and torso
bony vault made up of eight bones that encases the brain
lengthwise plane running
pelvic girdle
complete bony ring, composed of 2 hip bones , the sacrum, and the coccyx
space or cavity inside some cranial bones
immovable joint such as those between the bones of the skull
bones that make up the spinal column
Anatomy & physiology chapter 7 skeletal tissues
Anatomy & physiology chapter 7 skeletal tissues
Anatomy & physiology chapter 8 skeletal system
Anatomy & physiology chapter 8 skeletal system