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functions of the lymphatic system
-drains excess interstitial fluid and plasma proteins from tissue space
-transporting lipids and vitamins that you just took into body (digestive system)
-immune responses (recognizes abnormal cell and kills them)
looks like plasma, but no RBC, less protein and more fat
Primary organs
-red bone marrow
-make lymphocyes (WBC) or make them immunocompitant
Secondary organs
-lymph nodes
-diffuse lymphatic tissue (tonsils, peyers patches)
lymphatic capillaries
-any fluid in interstitial space can flow into lymphatic capillaries
-flows high to low pressure, so capillaries have low pressure
-highly permeable, anything can enter
-have anchoring filaments that keep them open all the time so they don't collapse under pressure
lymphatic vessels
-like blood veins, but thinner
-more flap like valves to prevent backflow
-in limbs and skin, follow veins
-in torso, follow arteries
lymphatic trunks
-lumbar: drains lower limbs (2)
-intestinal: drains abdominal area (digestive) (1)
-bronchomediastinal: thoracic cavity (2)
-subclavian: arms (2)
-jugular: neck and head (2)
collecting ducts
-3 vessels drain into R. lymphatic duct (R. jugular, R. subclavian, R. broncomediastinal)
-R. lymphatic duct drains into R. subclavian vein
-cisterna chyli: 2 lumbar and 1 intestinal
how much lymph is moved through the system per day?
3L lymph/day
flow of lymph
-skeletal muscles and respiratory move lymph (same as venous return) and smooth muscles in lymph vessels
-lymphatic vessels empty into subclavian veins