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branches off the subclavian artery
-internal thoracic a.
-vertebral a.
-thyrocervical trunk
-costocervical trunk
-dorsal scapular
branches of the thyrocervical trunk
-inferior thyroid -> inferior (??) laryngeal
-transverse cervical
branches of the costocervical trunk
-deep cervical a.
-supreme intercostal a.
Tributaries of the internal jugular
-occipital v.
-facial v.
-superior thyroid v.
-middle thyroid v.
-inf thyroid v.
The subclavian artery runs deep to what muscle? What vessel runs superficially to the same muscle?
-scalene ant
-subclavian vein
The suprascapular a. and ______ a. run on the ant aspect of which muscle
-scalene ant
Lymph drainage for the upper right portion of the body.
Drains where
-rt lymphatic duct
-junction btw rt int jugular v. and rt subclavian v.
Branches of the vagus
-superior laryngeal ->
-Int laryngeal
-Ext laryngeal
The internal laryngeal n. runs with what vessel?
-Superior laryngeal a.
The external laryngeal n. runs with what vessel?
-superior thyroid a.
Where are the cervical ganglia found?
behind carotid fascia
-Sup: C1, C2, or C3
-Mid: C6 opposite cricoid cartilage
-Inf: just above subclavian a.
What two ganglion can join together to form ______ ganglion?
-inf cervical ganglion, 1st thoracic ganglion

Special features of the sup cervical ganglion
-large, easy to see
-has carotid branches
-if tumor below sup. ganglion, sympathetic innervation will be lost to that side of the head
Symptoms of Horner's Syndrome? (5)
(damage to sup cervical ganglion)
-ptosis (eyelid droop)
-constricted pupil
-sunken eyeball
-flushing of skin
-dry skin
Which vessels run into the thyrohyoid membrane?
-superior laryngeal artery
-internal laryngeal nerve
carotid body

innervated by
-ovoid mass
-found it carotid bifurcation

-CN IX and vagus.
carotid sinus

innervated by
-dilation at proximal end of int carotid
-baroreceptor (blood pressure)

-CNIX (and X?) and vagus (?)