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a joint, point of contact between bones, cartilage and bone, teeth and bone
study of joints
inflammation of joints
rheumatoid arthritis
primary symptom is synovitis, auto immune
caused by wear and tear
gouty arthritis
due to elevated uric acid concentrations
immoveable joints
slightly moveable
freely moveable joints
fibrous joints
no joint cavity, bones held together by fibrous connective tissue
fibrous joints located between skull bones, interlocking and overlapping, synarthrotic
joint present during growth but replaced by bone in adult
bone surfaces united by larger amounts of fibrous CT, not as tight as suture, distal articulation of tib/fib, radioulnar interosseus membrane, amphiarthrotic
cone shaped peg fits into socket, rrots of teeth in maxilla and mandible, synarthrotic
cartilaginous joints
no joint cavity, bones connected by cartilage, numerous types
hyaline cartilage CT, epiphyseal plate, between 1st rib and manubrium, synarthrotic
fibrocartilage, centra of vertebrae, pubic symphasis, amphiarthrotic
synovial joints
synovial cavity with synovial fluid, articular capsule, surrounds cavity, unites bones, fibrous capsule(collagenous CT)ligaments reinforce articular capsule, diarthrotic
articular discs found in some synovial joints, act as shock absorbers, compensate for incongruence of articulating bones
gliding joints
flat articular surfaces, one bone slides over other in several directions, carpals and tarsals, sternum clavicle
hinge joints
convex surface or one bone fits into the concave surface of other, elbow, knee--patella
pivot joint
rounded pointed or conical surface of one bone articulates w/ shallow depression of another bone, atlas axis, proximal radius and ulna
condyloid joint, oval shaped condyle of one bone fits into the elliptical cavity of another bone, metacarpal bone and proximal phalanx
saddle joint
articular surface of both bones are saddle shaped, concave in one direction, convex in other---thumb
ball and socket
ball like surface fits into cup like depression, femur with acetabulum, humerous with glenoid fossa
intercellular junctions
junctional complexes, located between plasma membranes of epithelial cells and smooth and cardiac muscle cells
tight junction
zonula occludens, watertight, like a zipper, completely girdle each cell like a belt, common in epithelial cells that line the small intestine
intermediate junciton
zonula adherens, just below the tight junction, firm,belt like connections, located between small intestinal epithelia, a mat of microfilaments is embedded in dense regions of cytoplasm
macula adherens, very strong points of attachment, like weld spots, epidermis, small intestine, cardiac and uterine muscles, microfilaments converge on plaque and make uturn back into cytoplasm
half a desmosome, anchor basal layers of stratified epithelium to a basement membrane
gap junction
nexus, neither strong or watertight, allow flow of small molecules and ions between cells, activites of cells can be integrated so they function as a unit, epithelial and smooth and cardiac muscle cells, channel formed by pair of pipes