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Axillary nerve injury
Could be caused by fracture of surgical neck of humerus or shoulder dislocation
Paralysis of deltoid muscle --> abduction to horizontal is compromised
Teres minor --> lateral rotation is weak
Sensory loss on lateral side of arm
Long thoracic nerve injury
Cause: stab wound or mastectomy
Paralysis of serratus anterior --> abduction past horizontal is compromised
Arm cannot push -> winged scapula
Radial nerve injury
Cause: fracture of humerus at midshaft
Result: Extensors of forearm --> extension of wrist and digits compromised, as is supination
Sensory loss on post arm, post forearm, lateral aspect of dorsum of hand
WRISTM DROP (hand flexed at wrist)
Median nerve injury at elbow or axilla
Cause: supracondylar fracture of humerus
Result: paralysis of muscles in flexor component of arm --> flexion of wrist and digits is weakened, pronation is lost
Sensory loss: palmar and dorsal aspects of index, middle, and half of ring, and palmar aspect of thumb
Flattening of thenar eminence - ape hand
Median nerve injury at wrist
Cause: slashing of wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome
Result: no paralysis of muscles. Thumb movement is lost.
Sensory loss on palmar and dorsal aspects of index, middle, half of ring and palmar aspect of thumb
Ape hand
Upper trunk injury
Cause: violent stretch btw head and shoulder
Result: arm is medially rotated and pronated (Waiter's tip)
Lower trunk injury
Cause: sudden pull upward on arm
Result: Loss of function of hand and wrist
Ulnar nerve injury at elbow or axilla
Cause: fracture of medial epicondyle of humerus
Result: Paralysis of flexor carpi ulnaris --> deviation of hand to radial side at wrist
Loss of flexion of ring and little fingers at DIP
Flexion of ring and little fingers at MCP is lost
Adduction of thumb lost
Abduction, flexion, opposition of little finger lost
Sensory: palmar and dorsal aspects of little finger, half of ring
Ulnar injury at wrist
Cause: slashing at wrist.

More severe clawhand.
Function of flexor carpi ulnaris and flexor digitorum profundus are preserved.
Hand muscles in ring and little finger lost
Anterior dislocation of humerus may result in damage of what nerve?
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Compressionn of median nerve
Flexion, abduction of thumb weakened
Thumb opposition lost
Extension of index and middle fingers lost.
Sensory loss palmar and dorsal aspects of index, middle, and half of ring fingers and palmar aspect of thumb
Sensation on radial side of palm is preserved because superficial branch of median nerve is not involved.